Caring for your UGG boots

Author: Linda   Date Posted:18 March 2016 



Your sheepskin UGGs require a little TLC to keep them looking and smelling like new. Follow this guide to help your UGGs remain in the best condition possible.


Before wearing your boots for the first time:


  • Apply scotch guard. Our sheepskin is not waterproof, so be sure to protect your UGGs. Spray the entire outside surface with a light mist of high-quality scotch guard. This will shield them from dirt, scuff marks and grease stains.
  • Let the boots dry fully.


In the event your boots get wet, scuffed or marked:


  • Hand clean your UGGS.
  • Do not put them in the washing machine. The detergent, excessive water and spin cycles will damage both the sheepskin and the shape of the boot.
  • Brushing your UGGs will remove light stains and dirt. Use a soft-bristled or suede brush. Coarse, wire or stiff bristles will damage the sheepskin.
  • Resistant marks, like grease and mud, will require washing. Wet the boot evenly all over. Wetting only a small section of the boot may leave a water mark.
  • Do not soak or drench the boot. A damp cloth applied to the entire outside area of the boot will do the trick. Use that same cloth or a soft sponge to rub the mark away.
  • For particularly resistant marks, apply a little sheepskin shampoo or suede shoe cleaner to the cloth/sponge. Do not apply the cleaner directly to the sheepskin. It could mark the boot.
  • If you’re using shampoo/cleaner, make sure you use it evenly over the entire outer surface of the boot. This’ll prevent water marks.
  • Rub gently. You don’t want to damage the boot with vigorous scrubbing.
  • Rinse after washing. Either use another clean, wet cloth to wipe off the shampoo, or hold the boot under cold, lightly-running water. Be sure not to drench the shoe. Excess water can damage the leather.


Drying your boots:


  • To retain the original shape of the UGG boot, stuff it with newspaper or paper towel while drying.
  • Give the boots adequate time to dry properly. This could take several days.
  • Never put wet boots near direct heat. Heaters and strong sunlight can damage the wet sheepskin and cause colour to fade.
  • Don’t store wet boots in a closed area like a cupboard. Mould could form on them.
  • Remember to reapply scotch guard when the boots are dry. The washing will have removed the original application.


Removing Odours:


Nobody likes stinky shoes, so make sure to keep your boots smelling fresh and new. The easiest way? Wear socks whenever you wear your UGGS. If you prefer the sensation of snuggly, warm wool around your bare feet, try these alternatives:


  • Sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda inside each boot. Cover the boots and shake well. Leave overnight. In the morning, shake excess baking soda into the bin. Voila.
  • For more serious odours, wash the inside of the boot as you would the outside – as described above. Remember to leave the wet boots in a well-aerated space, away from direct heat.